Destination Anywhere - It's going down

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Petush's International Blog

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As some of you might know, I've always had more blogs than just this one and as you can see in the "Sister Sites", one of them is my personal blog, where I report about my life, post things that I like and also my graphics and stuff like that. But those blogs have always ended up being written in my mother language and I know that there are many foreign people visiting this blog. So I'd like to invite you to visit my new international personal blog. I've finally finished high school, so I have 4 months of holidays in front of me before I go to an university. And that's why I decided to make this blog - because I have plenty of time, there's gonna be a lot of stuff happening this summer - and that's what the blog's gonna be about - about my life during this free time.


Tim & André

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Maturita // Graduation finals

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Ahojte, len by som vám rada oznámila, že od dnes do utorka na blog nič nepribudne, pretože aj ja aj SekSonka maturujeme a samozrejme sa všetko snažím ešte natlačiť nejak do hlavy na poslednú chvíľu. A takisto na budúci týždeň, kedy sa chystáme obe od utorka - štvrtka na dozvuky, buď oslavovať, alebo smútiť. Takže nám prosím držte palce, zajtra o tomto čase budem akurát sedieť za zeleným stolom a odpovedať z geografie .. takže by som sa na to mala ísť asi hneď teraz pozrieť a tlačiť sa vedomosťami ;D Prosím držte nám palce, lebo myslím že to je to jediné, čo nám môže nejak pomôcť .. ;)
Hi, i'd just like to let u know, that from today on untill Tuesday there won't be any blog entries, because me and also SekSonka are graduating and of course I'm trying to squeeze in some knowledge at the last minute. And also the next week, we're both going to celebrate (or not :D) with our classmates, from Tue-Thur. So please wish us luck, because tomorrow at this exact time I'll be sitting behind the desk and I'll be tested on my knowledge in geography .. so I should probably go off right now to look at all that stuff and squeeze it all into my head ;D
Petush [P.2K]


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