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27. května 2011 v 15:33 | posted by P.2K
As some of you might know, I've always had more blogs than just this one and as you can see in the "Sister Sites", one of them is my personal blog, where I report about my life, post things that I like and also my graphics and stuff like that. But those blogs have always ended up being written in my mother language and I know that there are many foreign people visiting this blog. So I'd like to invite you to visit my new international personal blog. I've finally finished high school, so I have 4 months of holidays in front of me before I go to an university. And that's why I decided to make this blog - because I have plenty of time, there's gonna be a lot of stuff happening this summer - and that's what the blog's gonna be about - about my life during this free time.


Maturita // Graduation finals

15. května 2011 v 11:52 | posted by P.2K
Ahojte, len by som vám rada oznámila, že od dnes do utorka na blog nič nepribudne, pretože aj ja aj SekSonka maturujeme a samozrejme sa všetko snažím ešte natlačiť nejak do hlavy na poslednú chvíľu. A takisto na budúci týždeň, kedy sa chystáme obe od utorka - štvrtka na dozvuky, buď oslavovať, alebo smútiť. Takže nám prosím držte palce, zajtra o tomto čase budem akurát sedieť za zeleným stolom a odpovedať z geografie .. takže by som sa na to mala ísť asi hneď teraz pozrieť a tlačiť sa vedomosťami ;D Prosím držte nám palce, lebo myslím že to je to jediné, čo nám môže nejak pomôcť .. ;)
Hi, i'd just like to let u know, that from today on untill Tuesday there won't be any blog entries, because me and also SekSonka are graduating and of course I'm trying to squeeze in some knowledge at the last minute. And also the next week, we're both going to celebrate (or not :D) with our classmates, from Tue-Thur. So please wish us luck, because tomorrow at this exact time I'll be sitting behind the desk and I'll be tested on my knowledge in geography .. so I should probably go off right now to look at all that stuff and squeeze it all into my head ;D
Petush [P.2K]

Happy New Year!

1. ledna 2011 v 0:00 | posted by P.2K

Merry Christmas :)

24. prosince 2010 v 16:08 | posted by SekSonka

Alles Gute zum 20. Geburtstag!!

24. srpna 2010 v 1:24 | posted by P.2K

Deutschland again

14. srpna 2010 v 22:37 | posted by SekSonka
Tomorrow we are leaving our beautiful country again, which means there will not be a lot of updates in the next week.
Tomorrow we're going to visit our friends in Prague, then stay in Czech Republic for a few days and then we'll continue to Germany (this time it's Cologne we're visiting :). And we'll end our trip at Destination Anywhere's Release Party in Siegen, so stay tuned for new pictures and stuff like that.

With Love
SekSonka & P.2K

Vote, Share, Tweet .. Please!

12. srpna 2010 v 15:16 | posted by P.2K
V živote som sa nezapojila (ani ja, ani môj blog :D) do niečoho podobného, ale tým, že som teraz zašitá v jednej nenenovanej dedine s (našťastie) prístupom na internet, aj keď dosť obmedzeným, dosť sa nudím, tak som si povedala že spravím niečo so som ešte nespravila a zapojím sa do súťaže s HRS. Takže by som vám bola vďačná, keby ste za mňa zahlasovali, nech to má aspoň nejaký výsledok :D A povedali kamarátom nech zahlasujú atď atď, veď viete ako to chodí ;)

I have never done anything like this before (for me or my blog :D), but because I was stuck in one small village in Slovakia with limited internet connection I was bored so I thought of doing something new and this was the first think that came into my mind and I joined the HRS competition. So I would be really glad if you would vote for me so it wouldn't be for nothing :D Tell your friends to vote too please :)

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19. července 2010 v 19:57 | posted by P.2K
Tomorrow morning, both of us are leaving for Germany (at 07:00!!), our first stop will be Berlin, then we're gonna go to Dalhausen at Tittemania Festival. Can't wait to see DA live once again! and we end our trip in Munich.

All of this means that there won't be many updates, we're not sure if we'll have internet there - I am not even taking my laptop with me, because it's not in the condition to be even moved, the screen is falling off for half a year already. And while we are in Germany, you can start getting excited, because when we get back, we'll hopefuly have new live photos of DA aaaand .. an interview with the boys! So stay tuned ^^

And the last thing I am going to say today : I haven't written it here yet, but I have a new personal blog and I'd like to invite you all for a visit. theSTRANGER. I hope you will like it :)

Take care, Petush.

Sorry, but it was Friday ^^

16. května 2010 v 11:16 | posted by P.2K
Ahojte, len som sa chcela ospravedlniť za to, že sme v posledných dňoch blog zanedbávali, ale nemajte nám to prosím za zlé, v Piatok ráno sme robili Toefl certifikát z Angličtiny a - no, potom bol Piatok večer a Sobota, snáď k tomu netreba nič dodávať a každý si domyslí, prečo sme na blog čas nemali, vzhľadom na to, že sme vlastne boli fakt minimálne doma ^^

Hi, I'd just like to apologize for not updating the blog that much in the last days, but Friday morning we had the Toefl english certificate test and - well, then was Friday evening and Saturday, so I think that's all we've got to say, I guess everyone is able to think of the reasons why we didn't have much time for the blog and we weren't really at home that much these days ^^

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8. května 2010 v 18:39 | posted by P.2K



8. května 2010 v 17:04 | posted by P.2K

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Well, Thanks! :)

6. května 2010 v 23:14 | posted by P.2K
ĎAKUJEME vám všetkým veľmi pekne, že ste navštívili našu stránku. Je to skutočne skvelý pocit, keď vidíme taký úžasný feedback v štatistikách - hneď v prvý deň, kedy sa táto stránka oficiálne otvorila!! Takže vám ďakujeme ešte raz veľmi pekne, ďakujeme Davidovi za spomenutie nás na DA Twitteri. Dúfame, že budete s našou prácou spokojní a budete nás aj naďalej navštevovať.

THANK YOU all so much for visiting out page. It's a really special feeling when we see the feedback in the visitor list - already on the first day this site is officially opened!! So thank you again so much, thanks to David for mentioning our site on DA's Twitter. We hope you'll all be satisfied with our work and that you'll keep visiting us in the future.

With Love, Petush [P.2K]